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  1. heeey. i remember leaving you a comment awhile back… i just stopped by to say hey again. I agree with you 100%. That’s the only good thing about winter.Oh & i’m being as careful driving as i can. Last year i was going 45MPH on the highway and hit a snow patch and spun into a ditch It was the scariest thing ever & i was so upset. You betcha im careful now haha so how have you been?


  2. Anonymous says:

    im sorry. its not like i mean too. im not sure if im coming down tomorrow or not. but when i do, i will call you. im running low on my minutes on my phone, and somtimes i dont have good enough service to even recieve anything like a call or text so thats why you probably think im ignoring you. and it would probably be rude to call you from my g/fs house. but dont worry, we’ll hangout. see ya girl


  3. Oh they? hmm well its okay… im not trying to please a a crew i would rather die than be like…..so its okay. Good thing it wasnt a person who mattered or made a diffrence to the good part of society. wow i really hope “they” read this and get all pissed. hey im calling you tonight. GREAT?! Grood.


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