Hey guys. I don’t have much time for this anymore, and it’s been sweet.

So. Aiden is really cool. And here are two pictures of him for this post.

I love him.

Aaron is pretty cool too. Okay, he’s like really cool!

I saw Thrice Saturday night. They were pretty sweet. I really like their new album.

Also, I’m moving in like December. Which I’m REALLY looking forward to. Except that we’re moving to Lee’s Summit. It’s too far. Like 20 minutes from school and work.

Speaking of work, my best friend Rachel just got a job at 54th Street. That will be so fun! So I’m excited about that.

Okay, I have homework, so BYE.


20 thoughts on “

  1. i go to northwest missouri state univ. i lubss it. not to small, not to big. and unlike bigger universities, your not a number, the professors are really into talking to you and helping you suceedd.. haha i should be a spokesman.
    good luck miss


  2. its so interesting, informative too. such as, did you know davinci was a flaming homosexual? haha, i wouldnt want to give away any of the GOOD parts. you wont want to put it down. dont start it soon, start it now… now.,bRENT


  3. Anonymous says:

    because with the last one i think i had 5 people damning me to hell and i got tired of deleting their comments…. this one will stay forsure… Its going to be just writing…


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