Okay seriously, who’s going with me to see The Rocket Summer on November 3rd?

I miss my friends. I need more friend time. That is the only thing missing from my life I think. I need more fun. Now don’t leave me some comment saying you miss me and want to hang out unless you are actually going to call me and actually hang out with me.

I don’t want to have any regrets. That means, more fun teenage years. They’re almost over! COME ON.

I really hope the weather is nice Saturday because I want to go to Halloweekends with Aaron!! FINALLY A SATURDAY NIGHT OFF.



K, meet my nephew. Aiden James was born today. He suprised us all by being a boy, but it’s okay because he is adorable. Babies truely are miracles. I don’t understand how someone can go through having a baby, and not believe in God. It’s amazing.
He’s staring at me.

You better get used to seeing pictures of this little boy. Because I’m going to have a lot. He made me an aunt.


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  1. aw kelleys having the baby today?! oh my goodness!!! how exciting ashley allen. i do miss you. and i do wanna hangout with you way more friend. i will call you in fact im going to call you right now as i type this. sooooooo talk to you soon hopefully, that is if your not at work. i’ll leave a message ok if thats the case. love you ashley good luck with being an aunt! YAYYY!


  2. Anonymous says:

    well if i get that $500 from that one company, Nov.if i don’t…. hopefully i’ll visit in Nov.i’ll be in KC for one or two days…if i do come i better see you!!!! and aaron cause i want to meet him


  3. Anonymous says:

    is that what all those tables were set up for?? weiiirdddd. i didnt know what was going on but i was going to try and get some free food?? eep!!
    it really is a great school, depending on what you were going for, i bet you would enjoy it
    stay well ❤


  4. i miss you soooo sososososoooo much.
    and im pissed i didnt see you saturday.i was too busy beating people up.stupid people, hitting me in the throat.they deserved being punched in the face.


  5. Anonymous says:

    HEY YOU!!!!!  How are you!?!?!?!?!  Is that Kelley’s baby???  HOW CUTE!!!  I can only imagine Kelley prego… I bet she was beautiful!  PS. I guess it’s a good thing that I looked at your site… I want to go to the Rocket Summer!  Anway, it’s good to hear from you……. write back on my site!  Di.


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