I ran two miles tonight. 🙂 

I’m very stressed out, and things kind of suck right now.


I want to go to the Renaissance Festival. (Never been.)

I also want to go to Halloweekends at Worlds of Fun. (So sweet.)

And a haunted house. (Never been! Go with me?)

Guess what?


It’s been almost two years. How crazy is that?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    in a good way or bad way?I’m sorry about whats going on in your life… if you want to talk you can call me. i changed my number, the only differences is the last four digits, they are 2301.Smile, or i will kill you!<3


  2. Anonymous says:

    While indeed, a man does choose to join the military, he does not necesarilly choose which war they get tossed into. And a lot of people join the military because of constant heckling by military officers while they are still in high school, while they are still young and impressionable, and have no idea what they want out of life. Those who joined the military for one reason or another, and when we went to war with Iraq, the ones who didn’t agree with our going to war with them, didn’t get a say. They didn’t have the option to quit. And some of them ended up dying for it. It’s not entirely the same thing, but in many ways it is. But that’s not really the point of whether who does or doesn’t get a say in whether they die or not, but the fact that a group of people are against one way of death, but not against another. It’s as if the children are forgotten about after they are initially born, or reach a certain age.


  3. ashley. i love you. and you WONT ever lose me. hmm hopefully you took a picture of the moon last night. but um it was good talking to you as well. and hangout at the fall fun fest. dont be sad, get glad. love ya ashley.


  4. yeah its not very awesome. i need some excitement. bring that to me.
    i missed you in dance today..but we just watched a movie and we slept. thats what we are doing tomorrow too. so you better be there to sleep with me okokokokokok.


  5. Anonymous says:

    hahaha i think i have that profile picture for way back in the days… I even have the one with you and kay and the “i love premal” sign… gooood times! i hope your hurrr came out good. I got your IM but iwas at workpeeeace out


  6. i’ve never been to the renaissance festival either…. and would like to go….i’m also looking forward to worlds of fun(hopefully soon)haunted houses in kansas city? THE BEST EVER…. been thinking about them all week (catacombs=best ever).and, oh my gosh, you’re beautiful…. and you’re boyfriend is the cutest thing… EVER.you guys are so sweet together….and now i’m gushing. sorry. ❤


  7. oh thats a pretty picture of you.
    ive been to the ren. fest. but not since i was little. i used to dress up like a medieval princess. it was nice.
    i want to go to halloweekends…we should get some people together and go.
    i would go to a haunted house with you but i went to one in 6th grade and it scared me sooo bad that i dont think i could go again. but i kind of want to. sooo…maybe i will. ok.
    i missed dance this morning. but we should both be there tomorrow.


  8. Anonymous says:

    it may have been longer? i think i was graduationg highschool, or it was my first year of college… Maybe i talked to you on the phone because i thought about them…You look totally different from back then, you’ve gotten more beautiful…


  9. Anonymous says:

    aww what a compliment…especially from you…you always look darling.i will see you most likely tomorrow. hope you have a good sunday. 🙂


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