Today was fun! It involved a lot of water. And fire.



I’ll be gone until Thursday. With this boy:



Have a good 4th of July and be safe!


8 thoughts on “

  1. fun. ha. i only have fun with im with you crazy cat. today was oh so much fun. ” oh no! theres a fire. lets go put it out ” i bet all those kids got t.o.ed after being sprayed and had gotten water balloons throwen at them. oh we are so crazy. im prolly going to sit at home and wait for you to return. im gonna miss you ash. love you bestfriend. buhbye and have a fun and safe 4th alright.


  2. Anonymous says:

    nice. i’m impressed. the second the summer is over, BK will be recording dumb, fun songs once more. this one was the first installment.


  3. FUCKING AMAZING… You in that hott fireman gear that is….. ehhuummm so 591-5858 is my number…. and you should use it soon…. so we can hang. I’m out


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