The other day some little kids were selling limonade in my neighborhood. I immediately smiled and decided that I would buy some. Aaron and I gave them $1.25 for two cups. And I didn’t even drink it. It made me think of when that used to be me.. and Kaylene.. and Rachel… and Lynsie.. I could actually see us there…running around, laughing, getting so excited when we made a sale. It made me smile so big, yet feel so sad at the same time. I miss that so much. I have no regrets about my childhood. I feel like I had such a good one and I’m glad. I am so excited to see where my life takes me in the next 10 years, but if I had the chance to go back to that time I would in a heart beat.

That’s all really.

Four more days…


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  1. i would so go back to. cause sometimes things get to hard to deal with now. and back then we’d just brush it off are shoulders and move on. but now you can’t do that. it stinks. and we’d always wake up in the mornings and go out and get eachother and eat our cereal right out on the sidewalk. and see limonade. and we always be together. and we’d be calling eachother or making videos just to see eachother if one of us ended up getting grounded. hot dang i miss those days. i’d go back so fast you have no idea. now we hardly ever get to see eachother. it stinks growing up! shoooot.
    remember yesterday when my dad was like oh i remember when you guys were little and going to moreland ridge.haha. we had a fantastic childhood. and i wouldn’t change anything in it. cause everything was super great.
    i love you ashley allen. and your always gonna be my best friend ever!!! k.a.r. forever. we rule all by far!”kaylene, ashley, and rachel.”


  2. that reminds me of back in the fall..mark and i went to this garage sale and there was a little boy selling lemonade there..and we bought some..and it was the grossest lemonade ever..but we drank it all..and the little boy loved us. i loved that. things were much simpler when we were kids.


  3. haha. its me…again.. well i’m sure we can find someone with a truck….well conor has one..but i mean he doesn’t know all about truck parties…so i don’t know if that will work.summer school is almost over. i bet you are happy. i would be….but im lazy and never turned my application in. oh wellllllllll.ok kickASShley. call me when you are free. i most likely will be too. unless im working…


  4. Anonymous says:

    So you and your boy are still together good deal. I hope you are as happy as you were when you two first met. thats always the best part. I was thinking about my childhood the other day too so I thought Id leave a comment about that. I love your pic.. so pretty!


  5. ashley your crazy. and i’d have to say it looks as if erin is obsessed with you. aaaaaaaaahaha. oh only kidding. but yeah anyways. when are we gonna get to hangout punk?! hm huh? just wondering. cause i miss you like crazy bestfriend!!! well um oh yeah. i know of a pool we can swim at. well um my brother does. its over on the north side of town. but yeah it would be cool. so yeah. okay. im gonna call you today hehe. buhbye ash al.


  6. Anonymous says:

    yeah because  i forgot your number at my house, and i forgot what car you said to look for. i drove by there and there was like 6 red cars around there. i didnt want to go knocking on everyones door. i would feel wird. im sorry friend. im coming up in a week or less. i will def. see you then.


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