I am so lucky. I have the sweetest, cutest, funnest boyfriend in the whole world. We went on an awesome date Friday night. We saw Batman Returns and liked it a lot. We went to Starbucks twice and got frappachinos and the girl working told us we were the best dressed couple ever. I love him so much.


Halfway through summer school. You know what I need? I need to go on a trip. I haven’t done that in so long. SAINT LOUIS. Friends – I want to go.

I get to go with Aaron and his family on a little trip over 4th of July!




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  1. Anonymous says:

    You can work at Winsteads and be a server.
    Summer School does suck..just 2 more weeks.
    You and your boy are sooooo cute~ I want something like that!
    see ya


  2. aw. you two are so amazingly cute! i love you ash. your my bestfriend. and i miss you already. byebye silly girl. i love the photo. and the other one you had on here but i guess you decided to take that off. but yeah ok. bye friend.


  3. i call people on regular basis that call me on a regular basis. you didn’t hang out with us for awhile because you were always with aaron..and im not complaining. i understand that. there is nothing wrong with spending time with him. but you did cut out a lot of time with your friends. now i understand that you hang out a lot with kelley and melissa and i wish i would spend more time with all of you. but usually when one of you calls me i am already doing something..and you are always invited..but usually someone won’t want to. which is ok. we both just need to make better time for each other.please don’t think i am mad at you or dislike you in anyway. because i don’t. i still like you very much. and i do wish that we could be as good of friends as we used to. and i miss that. but you can’t be putting it on me that we dont’ hang out. im sorry. you didn’t call me or hang out with me for months…so things have changed a lot. not me. i am the same..and im sure you are too. i would like to hang out with you…but please don’t tell me that its all my fault we don’t hang out. because i honestly don’t see it that way. lets hang out soon. and really do it this time.


  4. im sorry you spent time alone. you were/ are always welcome to come do anything with me. and most of the time i am just sitting at someone’s house. im not doing anything spectacular. and saying that you didn’t do things with me because i was with my “scene friends” is foolish. you know thats a stupid label and people are people. i hang out with few people. just like i used to…but they are different people…only because they are who invite me to hang out. im sorrry if i made plans right in front of you and you felt akward…i honestly just figured you were doing something else…but i know i have said this already..you are always welcome. i dont hang out with a bunch of “scene” faggots either. i dont have to go to every show that comes to kc..and i hang out with people that arent in the “scene” but yes..in the past year..i have met more people..and they have become my friends..not because they are “scene” and i think thats cool. because people are people ashley. you know that. i have just made friends…and i don’t want my “new” friends to replace my old friends in anyway. i would love to hang out with . and im sorry i don’t call you like i should. but i am forgetful…i call people that call me regularly..not because i don’t want to hang out with other people…its just how it goes.and i didn’t think it was akward at taco bell when we hung out….and im not very good friends with geoff anymore either..i just thought it would be nice to see him…im sorry i didnt know you guys weren’t friends anymore..you could have spoken up. please. speak up..i don’t mind. im glad to know how you feel. and im sorry i have made you think negatively about me..but honestly. i am the same exact person. i act the same and do the same things…yes, some of my friends have changed..but that happens as you grow up. i would really like you to call me..so we can talk in person. i mean i feel almost stupid discussing this over xanga…but i understad you don’t like confrontation and akward situations. again..i have no negative feelings towards you. i do miss our time together….but i also..you have called me mabye 4 times this summer…and i have called you back.. or answered. and im sorry we have hung out probably twice this summer..but i would like to change that. i honestly dont do much. all day i am usually sitting at home. feel free to call me anyday. i did get a job though…so i might be working. don’t think im am avoiding you. i really enjoyed being good friends with you as well. and i would like to continue that. please call me…or i will just call you over and over until you are annoyed enough to answer. bye ashsmashcrashlashdashnashcash.erinbbbbb


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