Just walk away
Gather your thoughts for the second length
Of this argument on this epic changing day
Its crazy to think an hour ago all things were great
But we stand both proud both wrong and right
Throwing cheap shots in this stubborn fight
And our lives are so intertwined in one
And were just so stuck in this moment its clear that were coming undone
And you see it’s hard for me to breathe
When I get all worked up with these feelings
And I don’t know exactly how it is
That we can be so mad we consider to not exist
And we both know there’s so much love clenched within our fists
The goodbye waves in the driveway just resonate
While were drowning in rivers from our faces
We just wanna know if this is over
Trembling silence fills the air
As we stand here so impaired, but so aware
I sit in this house
Alone with fresh photographs
And I just can’t relax
Cigarette smoke, I’m starting to choke on this
And I don’t know exactly how it is
That just to say I’m right your wrong we both loose to it
So hey now, maybe we’re just being stupid
Hey, maybe we’re being dumb
No, hey, maybe it’s time that we stopped and we realize that like the flag in the wind we are one
How at first it’s made so cute and lovely
And the battle can be torn to shreds
And with time and with patience and love and affection
Can beat this with needle and thread
Because I love you and you love me
And nothing will make this leave
Remember me
Don’t walk away…


Something has got to change. And soon.

I never wanted to be this person.


I am always being replaced.



27 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous says:

    Friends always get pissed if people have b-f’s. Its nature.
    I’m still your friend. We def. should hang out this summer. k?
    cheer up..


  2. Ahhhh.come on ash you’ll never be replaced by me….. i mean come on the octopus….throwing our cheetah spots on the hot lava so that we can get to safe grounds….sneaking out to steak’n shake….samie…crying… laughing….4 teens….together….making movies were we have magical powers…sliding on cardboard boxes down massive dirt hills….. well now that i think about it we were actually really insane when we were kids! hahaha we ruled…i mean we rule. call me tonight friend!! Or ill call you. its whatev


  3. Anonymous says:

    you will never be replaced… we will be sisters forever! i actually looked at UMKC today… if i visit or move we *~*~*aRe s0 goInG t0 gEt 0Ur naIlS d0ne!*~*~*l0l I l00Ve U <333


  4. Anonymous says:

    No, I didn’t really think you were acting like it but sometimes it just seems that way.  I understand though. I really do miss you Ash. I miss last summer a lot. As dumb as we all were sometimes it was fun. A lot of things have changed and it’s like, instead of all of us getting together and getting through it we all decided to deal with it on our own and I don’t think any of us have done a good job of it and that’s why there are so many problems. Things are really messed up and I’ve messed up a lot lately, and right now I’m at my grandparents and I’ve been thinking a lot and hopefully I’m still gonna be able to change a lot of things when I come home and I really think we should all hang out.


  5. it wasnt mean. i want to hang out with you. and just because i don’t call you, it doesn’t mean i don’t want to hang out with you. feel free to call me at any time. i am never hanging out with people cooler than you, and you are never intruding. you are always welcome to be where i am. i still consider you my bGffe. you should call me when you get off tonight. i may be at a show, but if not, then we can get together. or i can call you tomorrow. or you can call me. don’t hesitat to call me. ever. i love you ashley.  


  6. Anonymous says:

    haha we got ready over at Rachel’s and we took it sooo seriously. Man I miss that. We were so ridiculously cool then. I should be back in town Friday but if I don’t spend it with my family what are you doing? Maybe we can all go to the drive in or get some ice cream or have a movie night?


  7. hay we hung out last night! not for too long. but we will hang out for longer very soon. tera wants to have a banquet for her birthday. its june 21. i think. something like that. i don’t know. but ok i will see you soon friend.


  8. Anonymous says:

    so you exspect me to pick UMKC because you and 500 of my other friends live there?we will see… because UTA has a freakin good physics/bio program (but then again compition is high… and my little 3.5 may not make it)remember, when you grad, stick to ONE college, and make sure you like it, and don’t get drunk a lot…<3


  9. Yeah, this might sound random, but I went through the whole “I’m-not-the-person-I-want-to-be” thing. So if you ever need someone to talk to, I’ve been through it.
    And sometimes it helps just to know you’re not alone.
    So seriously, I know we’re not the best of friends, but I’m always here to listen.
    ❤ Sarah


  10. Anonymous says:

    ah i just got that comment! and i just got home! and i’m going to be out of town tomorrow but im going to be back at like 9. so illc all.


  11. Anonymous says:

    i normally would be a huge dick to you but your russ’s sister and i like russ, he’s actually my friend… everyone but like 5 people know it’s for charley’s best interest that this happens, it’s only for the best, and also don’t tell me how i should treat my little brother, he’s not actually my little brother but  he’s the closest thing i’ll ever have… i’ve tought the kid how to do pretty muchh everything since he was like 8 so seriously don’t tell me how to treat him…. he liked her but she fucked him over more times than you know, seriously you prolly don’t know how many times it has happened


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