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  1. aaaaha! man my hair looks so stupid in that photo. of me and you. shooot. i miss you oh so much ash. i miss everything about all those pictures. how we all used to hangout all the time. now its once in a blue moon. we need to start seeing eachother more often.
    p.s.- i hear your moms still trying to figure out where are : spot : was…shoot. never tell anyone ashley.me you and rach need to get together sometime and go there. cause that was are thing. were so cool. i love you ash!
    KAR FOREVER! and ever and ever and ever and ever……and so on….forever!


  2. haha. oh my gosh! i was there for pretty much everyone of those pictures. ha. we are soo kewl. this summer will top last summer. for sure. oh gosh. truck parties and the drive in. oh man.
    ha. and i love how you found the most horrible pictures of me ever. haha. oh well. we’re sweet.


  3. well me, for shore! and well um rach…i really can’t answer for her. because yeah um cough….i’ll call her though. but yeah i wanna hangout man. love ya ash. hope you have a splendid night ok.


  4. Anonymous says:

    3rd picture brings back old memoriesI AM SO FREAKING PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i got your text, sorry i didn’t answer it, crazy stuff has been going down (culture + death = No time)i need to talk to you soonlove ya my little genius! <333


  5. o man Rachel.. why o why o why has it been so freakin long? huh? i miss you! common…. 2nd grade…. i’ve known you since 2nd grade…we go way back
    call me 797-4110


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