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  1. okay so your saying we can’t hangout. and have fun all at the same time. cause im different ash. hmm…im sure we could. cause the stuff that i do isent different. everyone may think i do different things to have fun.but i really don’t. and why i don’t ever call is because i don’t have a cell phone. if i did, it would be different.but i don’t have a way of always reaching you. but its okay. i guess rachel is a better friend. its true. cause shehas ways of reaching you. and everything. see-ya around maybe.


  2. I love you Ash and I got your text message…at like 4 in the morning…And I was all touched…seriously.wow i love you. And miss you. lets hang out sometime. call me friend


  3. oh so i was just now rading what you and kay are talking about… its okay you 2! we’re still KAR 4-ev! (btw i cant text i can just recieve them otherwise you wouldve gotten some nice gushey text about yelling at cars from the octapus. And cheerios and bannanas? Or uhhh steak n shake in rainey weather gettting caught by your bro.


  4. we haven’t drifted away recently from eachother, just because of me ashley. there have been times where i havecalled you and you have ethire been to busy hanging out with erin or whomever else…working, or aaron. and imsaying its a bad thing. don’t get me wrong! but don’t blame the whole thing on my wrong doing’s in the past. itsnot all my fault we don’t hardly ever hangout anymore, ashley. i’ve tryed to hangout…if you don’t remember..iused to come over every now and then…but you’d be to busy. but whatever its fine. just don’t blame everythingon me. cause thats a horrible thing to do!! but yeah heres you reply comment from me. have good’night ok. bye.


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