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  1. ashley. i am sorry. i am very forgetful. i honestly do want to hang out with you and i want to do stuff with you. i forget to call and i end up doing nothing… im sorry.
    i promise you i will call you next time i say i will.
    i feel terrible. i really do.


  2. Anonymous says:

    thaannnkyooouuu! i think im over it now. im just waiting for it to grow a little. BUT HEY. it was nice seeing you today. you left 2 early!! you missed out on the hairdying action. oh-well you will probably hear about it tomorrow.


  3. yeah so…i know..i’ve made some poor choices, in my life time. but yeah i donno.sometimes it just feels as if its always gonna be like this. i crush on some boy, they hurtme. its cool. and then we’re done. i don’t think im ever goin to find the right boy. believe me.i know you and everyone else thinks that : hey don’t worry he’s out there : no, no he’s not.all these horrible boys just keep finding me. and they keep flippin leading me on. and if when thatboy that one boy comes along. im not gonna be able to trust him because of all the others. and imsick of it. im also sick of being alone. i just want somebody to like me for who i am. not whatthey see. cause its stupid. and i don’t think thats ever gonna happen ashley. pish.


  4. yeah. i did delete it. but um all im sayin is..i don’t think there’s a boy out there for me man. i want to trust everyonewhen they say that. but really it’s just hard to believe it. cause the horrible boys always find me ashley. really theyfind me, and they just screw me up even more!!! and im sick n’ tired of getting hurt..and when i do find someone worthof all it. i can’t trust them because of the boys in the past. everythings just really hard. and i don’t understand some of it.how some boys can just be in just to have fun or for a fling somethin…it makes me so mad. its hard to believe there’s agood one out there. i can’t trust anybody. it’s really hard. and my hearts always getting broken. i give in, it’s to easy forboys with me. cause im so helpless and im so lonley. i just want a boy to love me for who i am. not what i look like. butyeah i donno…your lucky cause you don’t have to worry about any of this crap. you have aaron. your the luckest girlon the face of this earth. he loves you for you. who you are. your a lucky girl. yeah im gonna go friend. bye. 


  5. Anonymous says:

    hey we should hang out again, and again, and again, and again, etc. thanks for inviting me over or maybe i invited myself over im not really sure but i like you ! call me if you ever wanna hang out or say hi it’ll be awesome trust me 868-1549


  6. Anonymous says:

    thanks for letting me stay the night!!! i wanted to say bye & thankyou in the morning. bUT you were sleepy. so lets hangout soon!


  7. Anonymous says:

    you are crazy ashley. i think you need to just step it down a notch or two before they do the white jacket thing with you. oh man i plan on it, i didn’t realize how easy it is to get in! 🙂 it will be fun. we will have 7th hour together! not today though because i have to work. ugh. i almost didnt have to. but. now i do.
    MAYBE wednesday for an hour and a half!


  8. haaay ashley. i am coming to your work tomorrow and i am applying. so then hopefully i will get that job and we can work together. then we will be the coolest people i know.
    ok. i will see you for like 5 hours in a row tomorrow. i can’t wait.


  9. oh aaron! i miss you soo much right now! i love you!!! haha! aww! you guys are awsome! i love it too much!
    reading his last post reminds me of me when i was graduating! except i got a 20 on my ACT’s! i wasn’t too bright i guess! not much has changed though. haha! anyway!
    hope y9ou’re doing good and all! maybe i’ll see you one day and we can say hi and talk for a little bit!


  10. Anonymous says:

    you know Jayne?! wow what a small world! mmmm anywho I like your pics very pretty!…How’s you and your boyfriend?…Good I hope


  11. hay! you have penny on your background.
    it was good seeing you last night…only for a few minutes though…
    umm lets hang out again like now…if you want to get a hold of me call my house..my phone is messed up. okokokokok.


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