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  1. what does that mean??!!! WHAT DOES IT MEAN! ha. i love you ashley c. allen. and i miss you as well. and oh so much at that.
    i love you with my whole heart. not just the middle. nor the top. or the bottem..but with the whole damn thing! remember that? ha we were oh so crazzzy askids. i miss 5th grade ha! 


  2. U know i don’t speak french………….geezus, and u can see my hair like that whenever u like, go ahead!
    Adios y te amo porque estas tan dulce! i don’t even know if that is right, but i’m in spanish 4 and i hope my teacher doesn’t see that because she will be mad that i am wrong


  3. yeah i know yo. hm i didn’t feel like crying. hmm…pish ive seemed to be doing that alot. and plus once i get started i can’t stop. hah. so yeah. didn’t wanna do it. so uhhh yeah. hope you have a goodnight ash. bye bestest friend.


  4. eh for going 68 in a 45. pish…shoooot. $140 thats so much money. this past month has sucked so much for me. its so stupid!from zoe…to one stupid boy….then a ticket…what else couldgo wrong….hmm


  5. I”m pretty sure that i didn’t mention kaylene’s name at all…and even if i was talking about her that is pretty funny how i just all of a sudden starting getting comments from someone…..nice try but your cover up won’t work!
    there is no reason why you should of went to my xanga, i never left kaylene a comment…so if it wasn’t kaylene you both should have no idea what i’m talking about since you don’t know me…but in this case kaylene needs to stop leaving me comments!!!!


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