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  1. hey i just called you and left you a message.
    i hope you feel better ashley real soon. maybe tomorrow if you are still sick i can bring you coffee or something.
    i want to go to blood brothers real real bad, but im getting my wisdom teeth pulled on friday so i will have to see if i am able to. if i am…we are going together ok. ok.
    see you soon ashbashcashdashgashhashlashmashnashrashsashtashvashwashzash.


  2. clam down ashley ha! just clam down. im over him. like so far over him you have no idea dude. shiiit. he upsets me a great deal. but yeah kevin is a pretty swell boy. and yeah cough he’s 20 but he’s cool. heh. hm so when is the next time im gonna get to see you silly goose. i has been quite awhile. and i need to hangout with you. cause the stoping by here and there so is not enough for me…I NEED TO SEE YOU BESTFRIEND! hm whatta say….love you ashley.


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