I like this.

I like my adorable boyfriend Aaron.

I likeeeeeeeee payday!

I like getting all dressed up and taking pictures.

I like good music.

I like snow days.

I like being happy.

I can’t wait to seeeeeeee youuu tomorrow night! I am looking forward to the weekend.



42 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey yeah i wish i was his aide still too. i hate my new class b/c i don’t know anyone!!!!!! ahhhhhh oh well i’ll get over it i guess. welp hope to see you tomorrow. buh bye.


  2. oh man your lucky to have a smoke detector right above your head. hah i have on over by my door. oh man are there gonna be some changes ash. i love you so much. and i cant wait to see you!!!! and more often, at that as well. hehe your my bestfriend. and you mean so much to me!


  3. NO! cause my dad is a huge faggot! he wont let me take the gosh darn car out. i dont have a flippin ride. man im so upset right now. i had a crappy weekend “you and rach were a plus trust me” but yeah and now today is just crap as well. its so stupid. im so mad!!! gah. blagh.


  4. haha {boooooob pictures}yes im awesome. and your a hella cool ashley. i love you so much man!!! tara “rach’s sis” is having the baby today man. shes up there right now. and hmm i believe you might have known its a girl? hmm yeah anyways. i love ya bestfriend. and i wanna see you sometime soon okay. byebye


  5. Anonymous says:

    uhhhhh im mad. i called up there today. and he told me he hasnt had a chance to look over any apps. yet. which is a LIE because i know two girls that had interviews today. shoot.


  6. i had fun watching the show as well. and seeing you was so joyful. your so awesome ashley. i love you so much friend. and your quite alright with the not feeling to well today. i understand all the way friend its fine. you have a fantastic night tonight okay. night bestfriend.


  7. Anonymous says:

    oh no ashley! i dont hate you at all! and i loved your text this morning. i dont get it but i was happy it came from you!!! we need to hang out!


  8. did your b-friend tell you i saw him over break? i did! i think i was real confused at first, cause i haven’t seen him in a long time. so, i had a difficult time saying anything to him. cause the first couple minutes i thought he was someone else. but then i knew and it was good. he’s a cool dude! hope you’re doing great!


  9. Yeah football players are very sad you aren’t there with us. I think pat almost cried….. o wait thats because erin and I wouldn’t stop making fun of him. Well sorry to hear that your sick…. what do you have? Well I hope you feel better! XOXO


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