Last night was way fun, even though the turnout was not as we had expected.. I wish some people would have come.. or stayed longer.. Oh well I guess.

We hung out under my table for like 30 minutes.

It was cool.




Dave loved it.


We made Tera a xanga. Now she can be cool.

Today I taught Aaron how to wrap presents. I love love love him. He’s the best. 🙂

SNOW! I want to go sledding. Okay thanks.


PS – Why don’t I ever get any comments anymore? Come on.


8 thoughts on “

  1. ^

    anyways.  maybe i am finally starting to believe that you really like hanson.  and you don’t have to take back what you got me for Christmas, i will love it because it will be WRAPPED WITH LOVE!.  you are the greatest girl on earth!  I LOVE YOUUUUUU


  2. hey ashley. i was thinking the same thing about you.
    im glad i came over at 3 am really hyper and made you stay up for an hour. i had fun. and i know you did too.
    ok you need to get over here……noowwww. i got yo present gurrrrl.
    i love you bgffe.


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