I know I say this all the time, but I have the best, most adorable, most amazing, funnest boyfriend in the whole world. You should be jealous. I am so happy. Joplin was fun! We listened to The Beatles for three days straight. We got dressed up and went on a date. We went to coooool stores. We spent every second together. AND LOVED IT.

I have been sick, and I do not love that. I have to work allll weekend, and I do not love that. I have a 5 page paper to write, and I do not love that.

I miss my friends.

How about a … ERIN/ASHLEY BIRTHDAY BANQUET/SLEEPOVER PARTY?! Yes? What a great idea. You know if you’re invited or not. DECEMBER 20. GURLZ ONLY. Get dressed up and bring us presents. 🙂

I’m thinking we should also have some sort of Christmas party. Maybe a banquet? Maybe not? Perhaps a New Years party? Hmmm.. Lets get on this.


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  1. yeah. i miss you soooooo much. hhaa. it has only been like a week since i have seen you..
    i say yes to the erin/ashley birthday banquet/sleepover party….i think its a good idea…umm how about the 20th? that is a good day. its around the middle of our birthday’s and we are out of school. i say yes to this..
    ashley. please come to school. i hate 5th hour…seriously. mickey is driving me crazy…and lunch without you just isnt the same. plus we are having daily  fights with the white trash ROTC kids at the table next to us. remember the girl that says the f word constantly…she hates us! haha. yes, you need to come now.
    this is so long. maybe i should try to make this the longest comment ever. it could almost be like a post. i am not going to stop. not yet. gosh…nicci just admitted her love for us. i could tell she thinks were hot. she looks at us in the halls and stuff. its cool. its a good thing shes cool.
    umm ashley i am glad you had a good thanksgiving. we should have hung out when i got back to town…i know. but you and aaron were together and i didn’t want break the love fest up..ha. well we are hanging out tomorrow. because i decided
    ok now im done.


  2. dude i miss you too. like crazy you have no idea. i would call you to hangout n’ stuff but um. well i’ve been sick. and it sucks ass. but hey when you get some free time call me. or tell me cause i wanna hangout sometime soon man!!! i love you ashley allen.


  3. Wow I dont think Ive posted this much to someone I just met haha.  Are you still in high school?  I go to college down near westport and the plaza.  England was fun you have to visit it at least once.  I wont go back forawhile but Im going to Italy soon soon haha.  ❤ alicia


  4. Anonymous says:

    hey!!! haha i’ll like talk to him and ask him if he’ll leave you some love. i mean comments!!!! hahaha bye!from,klarissap.s. it wasnt me that tapped you on the shoulder. IT WAS NOAH! i promise!!!


  5. thanks ashley. i love you so much friend you have no idea. everything just sucks. i thought the whole ryan deal was the hardest thing. but boy! was i wrong, so wrong. wow. frank really ment the world to me. and people are just always like oh he was a mistake and everything. and he treated you like total crap and you deserve way better. when really…he was better. really better than all the rest. he was the one. and i don’t deserve better. i deserve him. but i think he deserves better. but it sucks to think about him with someone else. but i messed things up because all he did was really try to help me. and make my life so much better than it already was. and i guess stupidly i didnt want that for some gay ass reason. but yeah i donno. frank really was awesome. he tryed so hard to be with me. and i was a bitch to him man. cause you dont really know what people mean to you, until something happens where there gone. and you dont see it until there really gone man. and it sucks so bad. and it hurts like total CRAP. and i miss him. and he hates me now, and he never wants to ever talk to me cause its hard on him. pffft…hmm…its hard for me too. but i guess the saying if you love something letting it go is the best thing you can do i guess er eh. yeah hmmm i donno man. i have alot of stuff on my mind lately. well really just frank. but yeah im gonna go. i hope you and aaron are swell though. i love you so much ashley c. allen. you are my bestfriend. and you shall always be my bestest one. goodnight friend.


  6. hey bay-bee (teehee), I understand Nyquil is necessary.  So don’t worry.  I’ll put up with an angry-because-of-her-medicine-girlfriend.  Well, when it comes to you, it’s never a matter of “putting up” with anything.  I’m so lucky.  i love you.


  7. yes i would love to do your hair..we can do something to mine as well..im bored with it.
    ha. in my new picture if you look in the bottom left hand corner you can see my school pictures on the floor. haha. i just noticed that..


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