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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is the Hawt Gurlz jacket. Just gettin ready for Halloween. Seein as how we have to entertain ourselves nowadays since VILLAGE GARDENS SUCKS A LOT. Let us hang out and rejoice. I love you Ash


  2. Anonymous says:

    Those were the days. I can’t either. You must havebeen tired when you said that. It’s ok. Maybe sometime when you don’t go to school we can hang out!!!!!!! cuz we obviously can’t find time AFTER! Geez.


  3. ash that photo of you is cute. heh i like it. um yeah i believe tomorrow sometime im gonna call you. cause uhh i miss you. and i would like to see you oh so much. this not hanging out with you all the time stuff has got to come to an end. cause im sick of it. and im sick of not seeing you all the time like i use to…. alright i’ll call tomorrow bye friend.


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