Working when you’re really sick kind of sucks.

Spending 12 hours with one TOTALLY hot boy doesn’t.

Neither does the movie Moulin Rouge. Although lots of people would disagree with that. I love it.

Um, Happy Easter.


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  1. hey man we kicked some ass in kickball today! haha. katie and i came up to the mall like right before it was closing to see you at the turtle connection….but when we got up there it was closed down and there was no sign of you. it was sad. i guess we could have like called you or something. damn…saturday we should hang out or something. dude…katie might have a sleepover on sunday you should totally come to that. well i will call you.


  2. Aw I know we never talk anymore, it is sad… Im just so busy lately… hopefully I’ll catch you online soon… and I still plan on coming up to KC to visit as soon as I can…


  3. Anonymous says:

    word.. things are smoothe as butta… well kinda.. idunno.. i got a new board bla bla bla im playing in 2 bands bla bla bla… nothing else new… your boyfriend sounds like a really awesome guy.. your 2 lucky kids to have eachother… youve been with him for a close to as long as me and the dani.. woo


  4. I think working totally sucks too… the bastard who was supposed to cover for my friday bailed on me… hOW MUCH DOES THAT BLOW THE BIG ONE!!!  Well at least u work with hott kids…*insert purring noise here*


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