The last couple days have been so fun!! I love my best friends! We have so much fun just laughing, being stupid, and messing with people. haha

So I keep getting comments like  “*Random Propz!*”  and  “Congratz on the featured content!”  Ahhhhh its so annoying.. Also things like  ” Umm Get the umm $#*&@& over yourself..ummm yeah..umm thanks.” 

How silly.

I also have the best boyfriend in the world so thats awesome.


23 thoughts on “

  1. uh yes, how very silly…. i like the site …. well actually, just really the picture, it’s …. i dunno cool looking…. aha….i’m extremely bored… hum…. _And the world falls down beneath our shattered skulls as we weep unto ourselves_Just a Thought…Danielle


  2. Anonymous says:

    oh em gee ashley has a boyfriend!!!
    um yeah.
    haha i hate those xanga comments that say “rAnDom prOpZ” i’m like …… stop.


  3. okay, i’m going to try to get to the bottom of this.  i have NO idea how i got into this thing with you, rach, kay, and marne but i wanna know what the hell is going on.  i’m on your side fully, i just kinda got lost in the shuffle of things and i don’t know what i’m talking about anymore.  <3333.


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