i had some fun today/tonight…made some new friends haha “start the revolution!”…saw some cool kids…

geoff sorry about your car…im so dumb!

its so cold in heeeeeeere!!!!!!!!!


38 thoughts on “

  1. lol, ya it totally is a conversation.
    ya im going to that one. dood, i put something on my last comment, but xanga is gay and thought it was like…HTML or something and stripped it D=
    so i’ll put parenthesis around it instead of those little side-ways arrows:
    (if i dont recognize you…please dont think im a stuck up bitchXcore. im really bad at recognizing people D=)


  2. Anonymous says:

    ffaf is pimp shit…i do believe i saw you last night also…and i do believe i didnt want to sound like an ass saying “hi xanga friend” but its all gravy n shit…


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