pullin the pedals off the flowers – worlds of fun – getting in trouble for “smoking” candy ciggarettes – movie nights – best friends necklaces – broken best friends necklaces (haha) – YMCA – making movies – school dances – endless conversations about nothing – crying from laughing so hard – our carnivals – mxpx in drews van – THE DOVES!! – stupid fights – staying up all night – taking pictures – fun at walmart – saint louis – “We no refund.” – babysitting(business cards!!) – sammie-friend like you – swimming – sledding – short way down and a long way up – dancing to nsync – HAIRY DANGERS – barbaques – mexican fiesta – music blasting – falling down the stairs at kelleys – making amazing songs in my tool room/”band room” – ronnies shed(haha) – cool crest – “That guy so put something in these cheesburgers!!” – swinging at nighttime – pretending to be rock stars in rachels basement – stealing from concession stands – being unstoppable -steak n shake – BFFz – watching wrestling live in my backyard – shania twain impressions in the front yard –  homestarrunner.com –  deep conversations – 354676 hour long phone conversations – argo road – exploring the woods – mr oylers health class – causing mayhem! – cleaning out rachels garage for nothing – pleasant hill – going to shows – punk rawk!!! – mmmmoreland ridge sucks – our accent?? – road trips – makeovers – the spot – hair dying parties – late nights at soft serve – suprise parties that were never really a suprise *cough*KAYLENE*cough* – being chased by monsters ahh – acting crazy – crying together – giving/getting advice – freddy got fingered – going for walks late at night –  high fives – sneaking out in the middle of the night – getting caught – boys, boys, boys – late night drives – dennys – food fights – TPing – dancing in the rain – brilliant ideas and never going through with them – being awesome – “We kick Ash!”- KAR!

And that’s what I came up with in about 5 minutes.

I could go on and on.

                              We have so many awesome memories. Thanks, you two.. I love you so much!!



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  1. god. dood that was oh so awesom.i love it. are memories are the coolestby far of everyone else’s. uhh yeah if thatmade any sence there. pish who cares. wereso awesome im glad i met you back in 5th grade.and we’ve been friends for a long time…hehe.its oh so GREAT. i cant wait to see what comesare way in anothor 3 or 4 years from now. nothingcould ever stop us from being friends man. NOTHING.
    i love you ashley. and i love this entry!!


  2. oh because i woke up late.and my dad wont come backto get me cause he’s “working”shoooot man. pish. but yeahhappy two months on you and aaron homie. hehe i wish youtwo the best of luck from me. hehe.


  3. man. we have had a kick ass childhood huh. hah. and just think we still have a couple moreyears to add stuff to the sweet list above up there.its gonna be oh so great. i cant wait to see whatall goes down this is sooooooo SUPER! bye bestfriend.


  4. holy cow…i TOTALLY didnt recognize you last night at the mall…haha…that was weird…i was like “wow, she looks oddly familiar”…hah…im terrible.


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