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  1. lovergirl i’m sorry you’re feeling down. but please smile for me! cause you’re beautiful. i mean REALLY, you have the most gorgeous smile&eyes!! and trust me you’re not fat at all. if anybody’s a fatso. it’d be meee.xo. but new clothes are always fun. and i’m sorry but parents are just blah sometimes. please feel better!!!xo


  2. Anonymous says:

    ummm….ive never seen ya so i cant say if ur fat (but ur prolly not) but i know ur real purty from ur pic and u have a gorgeous smile….so cheer up dollface!!!


  3. Geeze what am I thinking going out with you? No I’m kidding your not stupid, ugly or fat, geeze I wouldnt go out with you then but I’m getting ready to call you…….kisses and some……..


  4. Hello…again. Well you shouldn’t put yourself down like because it’s not healthy + you could get depressed. But your welcome for the comments…..kisses…and some more…kisses….


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