❤ my hair smells good ❤

today has been…boring..lazy..

i hope theres somethin to do tonight..i feel like gettin out and goin somewhere..for reeeal yo.

i just hate it when theres *someone* that likes you…and just when you start really liking them back they dont seem to like you anymore…heh oh well.

 lifes not fair and i know how that goes!

leave me some comments guys c’mon!! i never get em anymore which makes me sad.. <-seee!

g’bye darlin’s


11 thoughts on “

  1. Hey ya! rah i know what you are talking about w/ the some one liking you, then stopping when u start liking them a lot. yea..just happened to me too. it sux lemme tell ya. Wellll  add me to ur b/l too (dancerkenz72) Kenzie


  2. Anonymous says:

    uh oh. i hope you aren’t talking about a certain someone i know who’s name starts with t. bye, love.                                                 xx


  3. Anonymous says:

    what the fuck. you make no sense, i dont even know what i did and you are overreacting. talk to me when you have a clear mind. you know how i feel, so i have no idea what gave you doubts.


  4. yah haven’t talked in a while, nope no david… *shrug* i don’t care to really, i’ve heard/seen some new developments so….
    tonight = fun… i had a blast, but there was only one hardcore band there, so other than that my kinda music was at a minium. but it was a blast. *jena


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