maaaan..tonight was fun! i went to the fed up show with drew, kaylene, and kelley…and i saw diane, dani, and uhhh dave hahahahahahah..he was with his new was funny..she was giving me some evil A looks all night for some reason..haha..and yeah i feel a lot better after that show…i had so much stress and anger in me today that has just built up over the weeks and i let it all that was great. i think i pulled some hair and pinched and let out some punches on a few certain people that needed it haha it was great..

man i love drew haha im talkin to him right now..hes such a cool funny and nice!…yup..kaylene did something really stupid tonight..which im not gonna write about…but yeah it was pretty dumb… hmmmmm yeah i had fun tonight..haha it was probably one of the best nights ive had in a long time..seriously..we also talked to the guys of fed*up who played especially well tonight i must say..theyre cool guys…also gabe..i love him…he gave us some flyers to pass out at school and stuff about the dollar show…everyone needs to go to that!!! ok well im off to bed..cya


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  1. yeah it was an awesome show. we’ll definitely have to do that again sometime. well won’t ya look at that, there’s a show friday. looks like we can do it then. haha yeah well we’ll also have tons of fun at the atari’s and yellowcard wednesday. yeah can’t wait for that man! yeah well i guess i’ll c ya later pal.
                               love ya, Kel


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