HAHAHAHA ohhhhh my gosh my hair looks so funny right now…ok so yesterday i bought this pink pink hair color…i mean its like hot bright pink…then i bought a highlighting kit so today we go over to ronnies and i have rachel hightlight my hair so she does but i think we did too much…i was right..i rinse it out and the front and top of my head is like all orangish yellowish…sooooooo white trash haha so im like ok ill put the pink in it so it wont look so dumb and i mean ive always wanted pink hair!! but of course..with my luck..it doesnt turn out..so now here i am…the bottom part dark brown…the top and mostly front is yellow/orange/white/PINK…i look like a retard…its all flouresent and stuff..haha so im waitin for my mom to get home with some more hair dye so i can look human again…hahaha oh man what a day….


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  1. OMG!!!!! i really hoped you took a pic of your hair cause i so want to see what it did look like and omg hot pink that is the coolest!!!! like ever oh man!!!!! sweet cheese can’t wait to see it ok well i will be talkin to ya lata luv ya friend


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